Sound Therapy Relief.

Our telehealth audiologists can help you find the right sound therapy for tinnitus. We’ve worked with over 1,000 people with tinnitus and 85% see improvement within three months.

Feeling Overwhelmed With Tinnitus?

We understand the frustration of going to multiple doctors and being told “there’s nothing you can do for tinnitus,” as well as the anxiety, concentration, and sleep troubles that follow.

Our CEO at Treble Health, Ben Thompson, is an audiologist and has tinnitus himself! We’ve helped over 1,000 patients just like you reduce the awareness and find solutions for tinnitus, so they can get back on with their lives. To get started, simply take our free Tinnitus Impact Quiz.

Comprehensive Tinnitus Care Can Help

A sound therapy plan to reduce your awareness of tinnitus.

Research shows that sound therapy can help reduce the intensity of tinnitus. Our audiologists can help you make a comprehensive sound therapy plan to better manage tinnitus.

Ease tension and anxiety, with a detailed plan for how to regain control.

One of the keys to improving tinnitus is to reduce the fight/flight response. This takes time. Our audiologists can help you calm the mind and body.

Replace negative thinking patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Our audiology team is highly competent to provide professional tinnitus counseling.

Professional Guidance. Lasting Results.

Toddi lowered her tinnitus working with Treble Health over a six-month time period. She succeeded with our tinnitus program. Now, she can fall asleep easily and has no trouble concentrating at her job. Tinnitus doesn’t have to be debilitating. 


“About six months ago, I began to notice that my tinnitus was louder and no longer helped by my hearing aids alone….On most days now, I barely notice my tinnitus. It is still there, but it has become background noise, like the noise of the air ducts in my home, or the dishwasher, and I work and live beyond it now, sometimes even forgetting that it is there. I am grateful that I found Treble Health. “


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Tinnitus Relief Starts Here

Start With The Tinnitus Impact Quiz

Complete our validated tinnitus screening prior to your first appointment.

Get Paired With A Provider

Schedule an appointment with one of our tinnitus specialists. We work with you to create a tinnitus management plan.

Begin the Journey to Reduced Tinnitus

Regular telehealth support to ensure continuous improvements in your tinnitus management.

Tinnitus Care Via Telehealth

Our professional services help you manage tinnitus. Consider one of our plans below.


$ 149
Per Month
  • One (1) monthly video consultation with a world-class audiologist (30-min)
  • Unlimited text and email support with your audiologist - Replies within 24 hours*
  • Two (2) monthly group coaching video calls - hosted by Audiologists


$ 249
Per Month
  • Two (2) monthly video consultations with a world-class audiologist (30-min)
  • Unlimited text and email support with your audiologist - Replies within 24 hours*
  • Two (2) monthly group coaching video calls - hosted by Audiologists

Tinnitus Maskers

$ 2,500
For A Pair
  • Pair of tinnitus maskers delivered to your home, plus three (3) video consultations with a world-class audiologist (30-min)
  • Unlimited text and email support with your audiologist - Replies within 24 hours*
  • Two (2) monthly group coaching video calls - hosted by Audiologists

Going through a very difficult time with tinnitus?

We created the Acute Tinnitus Care Plan to give you more frequent visits with your tinnitus-specialized audiologist. We’ve helped hundreds of patients move from challenging tinnitus to a brighter and healthier future. *Text and email replies within 24 hours are within one business day Monday through Friday.

Acute Tinnitus Care Plan​

$ 95
Per Week
  • One (1) weekly video visit with a world-class audiologist (30-min)
  • Unlimited text and email support with your audiologist - Replies within 24 hours*
  • Access to over 20 hours of group coaching call recordings - hosted by Ben Thompson, AuD

Recovery From Tinnitus Is Possible

Still having trouble with anxiety, concentration, or sleep due to tinnitus? Our approach to proactive hearing care ensures that your tinnitus perception decreases over time. There are therapies to help your tinnitus get better. You are on the path to finding a solution for tinnitus. We can help you reduce the sound of tinnitus.

Why Our Patients Love Treble Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Many doctors do not know that there are treatments for tinnitus. It’s true, there is no surgery or medication to cure tinnitus, but research has shown that about 80% of patients can reduce the perception of tinnitus using tinnitus retraining techniques. Oftentimes, the volume gets softer too.

For a majority of tinnitus cases, there is no “quick-fix” solution. As part of our new patient onboarding, we help our patients identify any possible medical cause to tinnitus and refer them to the appropriate medical tests when applicable. Usually, habituation-based protocols (like the system we follow) are the only way to improve tinnitus.

Most audiologists are not experts in tinnitus management. While you can certainly search your local area for tinnitus experts, research has shown that receiving care via telehealth can be performed at the same level of clinical efficacy. Your Treble Health audiologist may identify that you could benefit from in-person medical tests. In that case, we will refer you to the appropriate local clinic.

Our audiologists are trained in tinnitus retraining counseling, which is different from psychological talk therapy. Tinnitus retraining is focused on comprehensive sound therapy, proper education, and individualized counseling.

Hearing aids can help, but are not always enough. A comprehensive approach to managing tinnitus will focus on the whole person. This includes professional counseling, calming the central nervous system, and a comprehensive sound therapy plan.

Insurance does not cover the cost of tinnitus counseling and management. The fee for our initial tinnitus telehealth consultation is $99. Follow-up plans range from $39 to $249 per month.

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Tracy Peck Holcomb, AuD

Dr. Tracy Peck Holcomb is an audiologist who has been providing compassionate and comprehensive care to patients for over 15 years. Her clinical specialty is in the area of tinnitus and hyperacusis management.
She has served on several advisory boards for both clinical and academic audiology and has given numerous presentations and lectures on hearing and tinnitus throughout the state of California.
Dr. Peck Holcomb received her Doctor of Audiology degree from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. She is a Fellow member of the American Tinnitus Association, the American Academy of Audiology and Board Certified by the American Board of Audiology. Dr. Peck Holcomb is a Past President and Board Member of the California Academy of Audiology.