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Tinnitus 180º Program

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  • Root Cause ID
  • Smart Sound Therapy Devices
  • Brain Retraining with a Doctor of Audiology
Clinical Improvement Guarantee within

180 Days (terms and conditions apply)

All-Access Care

For individuals who already have sound therapy devices and could benefit from personalized tinnitus care.
  • Two monthly video consultations with a world-class audiologist
  • Unlimited email and text with your audiologist
  • Two monthly group sessions
45-Day Risk-Free Trial

Treble Sound Therapy Devices

For individuals with tinnitus.​
  • Pair of Bluetooth Treble Sound Therapy Devices delivered to your home
  • Three video consultations with a world-class audiologist
  • Two monthly group sessions
45-Day Risk-Free Trial

Treble Sound Therapy + Clarity

For individuals with tinnitus and significant hearing loss.
  • For people with tinnitus and hearing loss. Treble Sound Therapy + Clarity provide masking sound plus amplification for clear hearing
  • Three video consultations with a world-class audiologist
  • Unlimited email and text with your audiologist
  • Two monthly group sessions
45-Day Risk-Free Trial

Tinnitus Relief Web App

On-demand guided audio courses and sound therapy
  • Courses from psychologists and audiologists, including Dr. Ben
  • Commercial-free sound therapy including Silk, Shimmer, and Crickets
  • The same techniques we use with our private clients, at your fingertips

Tinnitus Sleep Headband

  • Soothing Sound Therapy Specifically designed for tinnitus relief
  • Comfortable Dual Ear Design Soft, breathable material ensures a comfortable, secure fit throughout the night
  • Wireless Bluetooth Easily stream your favorite sleep sounds, offering a personalized and relaxing bedtime experience
  • User-Friendly and Efficient Simple to use with a convenient charging system. Slip it on, adjust, and enjoy restful sleep

Tinnitus Sound Machine

  • Choose from 20 soothing sounds created specifically for people with tinnitus
  • World-leading sound quality – Pink and brown noise, sleep sounds and nature sounds
  • Compact, portable, and cordless (comes with charging cable)

What Results Can You Expect?

Break free from the belief that nothing can be done. Discover evidence-based treatments designed for those who thought they had to live with tinnitus forever.

Break free from the belief that nothing can be done. Discover evidence-based treatments designed for those who thought they had to live with tinnitus forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Treble Health is a telehealth company specializing in treating moderate to severe tinnitus. We are passionate about helping our clients find relief from their tinnitus so they can enjoy an improved quality of life. We offer personalized, evidence-based care led by experienced Doctors of Audiology who specialize in tinnitus therapy. We are proud to share that we have a success rate of over 85%.

This is not the case whatsoever! Many healthcare professionals simply do not know that there are evidence-based treatments for tinnitus. It’s true that there is no surgery or medication to cure tinnitus, but our Tinnitus 180° program has shown that 85% of our patients can reduce the impact of tinnitus using brain retraining techniques.

People describe their tinnitus in different ways and in different severity levels. The patients we help typically experience tinnitus that is moderate to severe which is negatively affecting their quality of life. It is not uncommon for our patients to report their tinnitus being noticeable during all waking hours, and in quiet and noisy situations. If your tinnitus affects your sleep, makes it difficult to concentrate, creates anxiety and stress, or causes other issues, then our team of audiologists may be able to help. Treble Health has worked with thousands of patients over the past several years – please click here to view over 900 five-star reviews from our clients telling their personal story of tinnitus and working with Treble Health.

At Treble Health, we offer the Tinnitus 180° program, combining advanced tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) and personalized coaching to address both the auditory and emotional aspects of tinnitus. Our approach is tailored to each individual’s needs, ensuring effective treatment and improved quality of life. The first step to begin this process is to schedule a complimentary telehealth consultation. Simply click here to get started.

The Tinnitus 180° Program at Treble Health integrates cutting-edge tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) with personalized coaching to effectively manage tinnitus. TRT utilizes specialized ear-worn sound therapy devices that help retrain the brain’s response to tinnitus sounds, reducing their perceived loudness and improving overall tolerance. Our approach includes personalized coaching sessions aimed at addressing the emotional impact of tinnitus, such as stress and anxiety, ensuring a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Tinnitus 180° has provided lasting relief from tinnitus and better overall well-being for 85% of our patients. To see if you’re a candidate for the Tinnitus 180° Program, click here to schedule a free consultation.

The timeline for experiencing relief from tinnitus varies from person to person. Generally, patients begin to notice improvements within 90 days of starting the Tinnitus 180° Program. Consistency and following the treatment plan are key to achieving the best results. The full benefit of the approach can take between 6 to 18 months. Treble Health’s audiologists act as your personal guide throughout your treatment program to help you set and manage expectations, and experience results.

At this time, there are no quick fixes or OTC cures for tinnitus. We see many types of questionable “cures” for tinnitus on the Internet and social media including ear drops, skin patches, gummies, and more, and none of them have any scientific or evidence-based proof that they work. We discourage the use of these products.

We stand behind the effectiveness of our Tinnitus 180° Program. With the Tinnitus 180 Guarantee, if you don’t experience a significant reduction in your tinnitus within 180 days, we’ll issue a full refund. This guarantee ensures that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining our program. Terms and conditions apply. To get started, click here to schedule a free consultation.

Yes, in fact, possibly better! As a telehealth service, Treble Health offers tinnitus treatment regardless of your location. In addition, because we can recruit audiologists who are tinnitus specialists from around the country, our doctors are of the highest quality. Tinnitus care is our sole focus and expertise. Our virtual consultations and remote therapy options ensure you can receive the highest quality care from the comfort of your home. To learn more about our team, click here to meet our tinnitus experts.

You’ll get a comprehensive telehealth consultation with one of our Doctors of Audiology. We utilize Zoom video for this meeting, which is easy to use. During the consultation, we assess your tinnitus condition, discuss your medical history, and understand your individual needs. This allows us to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses not just your tinnitus, but also its impact on your quality of life. If you’re ready to get started, click here to schedule your free consultation. 

We have different services that we offer based on your specific needs. Our most most popular plan is our Tinnitus 180º Program, which includes everything you need to reduce tinnitus, including:


  • Root Cause ID:  Our doctors will provide an independent assessment of test results to help you understand the underlying factors contributing to your tinnitus. With the results, we’ll provide a personalized care plan to meet your clinical needs. 
  • SmartSound Devices: Advanced medical devices designed to reduce tinnitus effectively, while being personalized to the individual’s hearing profile, preferences, and clinical needs. 
  • Brain Retraining Program: A series of telehealth sessions with a world-class Doctor of Audiology who works with you to retrain the brain and diminish the perception of tinnitus.


The total cost is $416/mo for 12 months (0% APR). If you prefer not to use a payment plan, the total upfront cost is $4,995. With our Tinnitus 180 Guarantee, you’ll reduce your tinnitus within 180 days or receive a full refund. Terms and conditions apply. To speak with a specialist about The Tinnitus 180º Program, click here to schedule a free consultation.

Our team consists of Doctors of Audiology who specialize in the management and treatment of tinnitus. Doctors of Audiology do not attend medical school, but they have a 4-year post-grad clinical doctorate in Audiology. Lastly, if you have a family doctor or other medical professional who needs to be notified of your Treble Health treatment plan, we can communicate with them.

No worries! Zoom is user-friendly, and you can download it for free on your computer or mobile phone. We’ll guide you through the process as needed.

We require a recent hearing test (within six months) to begin our program. However, because online hearing tests are not accurate to our satisfaction, we do not perform them. We ask that you get this hearing test in-person locally. If you need help finding a location locally who can test your hearing, please feel free to contact us and we can help. We’ll talk you through this step and how to send a copy to us once you meet with us during your complimentary consultation.

It’s good to consult with an ENT, but you don’t need to wait for this appointment to learn about tinnitus solutions from our team at Treble Health. Many of our patients find that our complimentary telehealth consultation provides valuable information when seeing the ENT doctor. We know that wait times for ENT appointments can take weeks or months, and that many people with moderate to severe tinnitus are struggling. We find that scheduling a free consultation with our team can help immediately.

Insurance coverage for tinnitus treatment varies. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to understand your benefits. Occasionally a hearing aid benefit can be used. Our team is available to assist with any questions regarding coverage and payment options. Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help.