Cyber Week Is Here

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Effective tinnitus treatment at our lowest price of the year. Redeem the offer – pay only $300 today.

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The Tinnitus Relief Bundle

The Tinnitus Relief Bundle

Cyber Week Is Here

$3,450 $2,950

Offer Ends Soon. Only A Few Left.

Make your health a priority and treat your tinnitus with our lowest price of the year. Get $500 off of our Tinnitus Relief Bundle, plus six special bonuses. Redeem the offer today – pay only $300 down.

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Work with Treble for 45 days. If you’re not fully satisfied, we’ll refund your entire order.

Why Our Patients Love Treble Health

Our Tinnitus Relief Bundle is loved by over one thousand patients. Here’s why:

Our Tinnitus Relief Bundle is loved by over one thousand patients.

Melinda had a serious level of tinnitus. She worked with Treble Health and found relief in just 47 Days.
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Randy lowered his tinnitus and got his life back working with Treble Health over a three-month time period.
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James had severe tinnitus. He worked with Treble Health and improved his condition by 75%.
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Clinically proven results


percent of patients reported reduced tinnitus.*


percent of patients showed reduced tinnitus impact in three core areas.*


of patients can have their initial video visit within 24 hours

*This data comes from our 2024 results using the Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI). First graphic refers to a clinically significant reduction of tinnitus at least 13 points on the TFI, when measured 12 months after they started working with Treble Health, out of 47 patients. Middle graphic refers to a reduction of at least 5 points on 3 or more TFI sub-scales, out of 186 patients, when measured 6 months after they started working with Treble Health. Core areas include of intrusiveness, sense of control, cognitive interference, sleep disturbance, auditory difficulties, relaxation interference, quality of life, and emotional distress.

There Is Hope For Tinnitus

Is tinnitus affecting your well-being and quality of life? We want to help.

Work with the best team in tinnitus and get $500 off our Tinnitus Relief Bundle with our Cyber Monday special offer, plus six bonuses this week only. This will be the largest discount all year and it expires soon.

Here is everything you get when you say “YES” to the Cyber Monday Deal (Before It Ends)!!

  • Pair of Treble Sound Therapy Devices – Discreet, behind-the-ear devices that deliver best-in-class sound therapy to soothe the ears and distract the brain from bothersome tinnitus. Rated by our team of doctors as the best tinnitus devices in 2023.
  • 5 Expert Audiologist Appointments – Get paired with a doctor from Treble Health. We’ll create a personalized tinnitus treatment plan and make sure you find relief quickly. 
  • Oasis Sound Machine – Calm your tinnitus with our top-rated sound machine featuring 20 different soothing sounds. Great for daytime or nighttime use.
  • Treble Sleep Headband – Perfect device to help fall asleep. Listen to soothing sound therapy, conveniently played via small speakers alongside each ear. 
  • Treble Tinnitus Group Coaching – Join our tinnitus group coaching live sessions every two weeks, until you don’t need help with tinnitus anymore. Hosted by our Expert Audiology team. We meet live on Zoom and all active Treble Health patients are invited.
  • BONUSExclusive Tinnitus Masterclass with Dr. Ben – A one-hour live group session with Dr. Ben Thompson, founder of Treble Health. Ask your most important questions and he will answer them to give you absolute clarity in your path to recovery.
  • BONUSEarPeace Ear Plugs – Protect your ears and prevent tinnitus with our top-quality ear plugs, featuring three settings for all levels of loudness. Great for staying active despite having sensitive ears.
  • BONUS2 Sound Mind Video Visits – Work with your audiologist to practice the tools and exercises that have helped thousands just like you recover from tinnitus.
  • BONUSExpert Mindfulness for Tinnitus Video Course by Licensed Therapist – Discover peace and relief from tinnitus, with 20+ lessons in mindfulness techniques designed to help you manage tinnitus effectively, bringing you a calm mind.
  • BONUS7-Day Tinnitus Meditation Challenge – The leading meditation series for reducing tinnitus. Listen to beginner-friendly guided meditations that Dr. Ben created for individuals with tinnitus.
  • BONUSTreble Tinnitus Group Coaching Recording Vault – 25+ hours of tinnitus group coaching recordings over the past three years.

For All Of This?

Normal Bundle Price: $3,450

Bundle Value with Bonuses: $4,200

Cyber Monday Price: $2,950

Due to provider availability, our special offer for Cyber Week is limited, and we’ve already filled over 90% of our capacity.  If you’re considering taking advantage of our sale, start today with only $300 down. This offer ends soon, so DON’T miss out, as it’s our best deal of the year.

Explore The Bundle

What Results
Can You Expect?

  • Reduced Tinnitus
  • Peace of Mind
  • Less Anxiety
  • Better Sleep
  • “I Got My Life Back”

How Does the Process Work?

  • Start today with a deposit of only $300 
  • We’ll speak with you within two days to confirm your details. 
  • You’ll receive your Bundle within five days, with free shipping. 
  • Your first Zoom appointment can be as soon as today. 
  • Pay the balance over time, with monthly payments as low as $158/mo for 18 months, at 0% interest.
Why I Started Treble Health, by Dr. Ben...

In March 2020, I launched a simple YouTube channel, fueled by my passion to educate and inform people about tinnitus and legitimate treatment options, even when they’d been told “there’s nothing you can do.” I wanted to provide hope and empowerment, but the response was more profound than I expected. Messages flooded in, with people asking if I could help them directly. It was clear, my mission had to grow. So, I built a team of top tinnitus experts from around the country. Together, we formed Treble Health. Our team now conducts over 5000 tinnitus appointments over Zoom each year, and the YouTube channel that sparked it all has surpassed 10 million views. This journey, born from humble beginnings, has become my life’s work: helping people with tinnitus find relief.

Dr. Ben Thompson, AuD
Doctor of Audiology

Frequently Asked Questions

Many doctors do not know that there are treatments for tinnitus. It’s true, there is no surgery or medication to cure tinnitus, but research has shown that about 80% of patients can reduce the perception of tinnitus using tinnitus retraining techniques. Oftentimes, the volume gets softer too.

For a majority of tinnitus cases, there is no “quick-fix” solution. As part of our new patient onboarding, we help our patients identify any possible medical cause to tinnitus and refer them to the appropriate medical tests when applicable. Usually, habituation-based protocols (like the system we follow) are the only way to improve tinnitus.

Most audiologists are not experts in tinnitus management. While you can certainly search your local area for tinnitus experts, research has shown that receiving care via telehealth can be performed at the same level of clinical efficacy. Your Treble Health audiologist may identify that you could benefit from in-person medical tests. In that case, we will refer you to the appropriate local clinic.

Hearing aids can help, but are not always enough. A comprehensive approach to managing tinnitus will focus on the whole person. This includes professional counseling, calming the central nervous system, and a comprehensive sound therapy plan.

While most insurance companies do not cover tinnitus treatment, if your insurance does offer this, typically called a benefit for hearing aids, we can provide the necessary documentation and codes for you to submit for reimbursement.

Yes, definitely keep your ENT appointment. Our telehealth consultation is completely free, so you don’t need to wait until your ENT appt. We recommend scheduling the free consultation with us as soon as possible so that you can learn about options for tinnitus relief.

You’re welcome to work with anyone that you choose, just make sure that you’re working with an audiologist who specializes in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. Most audiologists are great for hearing loss, but few are specialized in tinnitus. We have an 85% success rate, and most patients that work with us see a significant tinnitus reduction within three months. Plus, our telehealth model allows us to have better prices and significantly shorter wait times for appointments.

We use the gold-standard method for reducing tinnitus, which is called Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. It includes medical devices worn on the ears and one-on-one appointments with an audiologist to reduce the anxiety-stress-tinnitus response. We have an 85% success rate, and most patients that work with us see a significant tinnitus reduction within three months.

No problem, it’s quite simple. You can download Zoom for your computer or mobile phone for free.

We operate via telehealth, allowing us to serve customers across all 50 states. We only see patients who live in the United States.

We do not perform hearing tests. We require that our patients have a full diagnostic hearing test performed locally and send it to us via email. This is not required before the free Zoom consultation.

Our team is made up of licensed doctors of audiology who specialize in tinnitus treatment.

We expect that you would see some level of improvement within 3 to 4 weeks, with the benefits increasing by month 2, 3, 6, and beyond. 82% of people who try the Bundle choose to keep it beyond the 45 day trial period, because they are experiencing improvements.

Yes! Based on our internal data, over 80% of our patients report tinnitus reduction using our Tinnitus Relief Bundle. We also offer a 45-day trial period, so if you’re not satisfied within that time period you can return them and be refunded 100%.

Tinnitus may resolve on its own but this is not guaranteed and research suggests it can take 18 months or longer. We prefer to be proactive, we believe people with tinnitus should not suffer unnecessarily while waiting and hoping it decreases on its own. The “wait-and-see” approach is not recommended.

No, that is not the case. Our program uses Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, which is based on decades of research and has been shown to significantly reduce tinnitus in more than 80% of cases. In most cases, there is no surgery or medication that cures tinnitus, bringing it to zero, but there are legitimate approaches that reduce it and improve quality of life. Our goal is to significantly reduce tinnitus, which is absolutely possible.


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