Stop Tinnitus In 90 Days.

Our telehealth audiologists can help you stop tinnitus. We’ve worked with over 1,000 patients and 85% see improvement within three months.

Wondering How To Stop Tinnitus?

We understand the frustration of going to multiple doctors and being told “there’s nothing you can do for tinnitus,” as well as the anxiety, concentration, and sleep troubles that follow.

Our CEO at Treble Health, Ben Thompson, is an audiologist and has tinnitus himself! We’ve helped over 1,000 patients just like you reduce the awareness and find solutions for tinnitus, so they can get back on with their lives. To get started, simply take our free Tinnitus Impact Quiz.

Comprehensive Tinnitus Care Can Help

A sound therapy plan to reduce your awareness of tinnitus.

Research shows that sound therapy can help reduce the intensity of tinnitus. Our audiologists can help you make a comprehensive sound therapy plan to better manage tinnitus.

Ease tension and anxiety, with a detailed plan for how to regain control.

One of the keys to improving tinnitus is to reduce the fight/flight response. This takes time. Our audiologists can help you calm the mind and body.