Tinnitus Maskers Can Help You Improve Tinnitus.

Get a personalized recommendation for tinnitus maskers from an expert audiologist. Ear-level technology is one of the most important tools to manage tinnitus. Find out about your options by scheduling a free video appointment.

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Get Control Over Tinnitus

If you’re in quiet places during your day, managing tinnitus can be a struggle. Maintaining peace and calm is much easier with ear-level sound therapy.

We have helped over 50 patients select tinnitus maskers or hearing aids that are right for their needs, getting them back to hearing the way they should.

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Explore Our Models of Tinnitus Maskers

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Convenient, Personalized Recommendations

Tinnitus maskers work best when they are personalized and selected by an experienced professional. Our expert audiologists help you choose a product tailored to your specific needs.

Hear Better, Help Tinnitus.

Do you have a hearing loss? Our Bluetooth hearing aids do a great job at providing tinnitus masking. With enhanced hearing, you can more easily manage tinnitus. Talk to one of our audiologists today.

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Continuing Care

After you find the right technology for your ears, a monthly check in with your audiologist will help you improve your tinnitus, track your progress, and give you confidence that you’re getting the most out of your tinnitus maskers.

Convenient Tinnitus Care via Telehealth.

Whether you need tinnitus maskers or hearing aids, there are great options for every person looking to manage tinnitus. Tim chose hearing aids with Treble Health. They helped him lower his tinnitus and he saved thousands of dollars, too.


“I needed tinnitus maskers and I didn’t know much about them. My audiologist was really helpful in educating me to understand how the technology was going to help…I ended up going with hearing aids and I’ve been very, very happy with them.” 

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Manage Your Tinnitus With Sound Therapy

We’ll make sure your tinnitus maskers fit well, sound great, and that you are getting the most out of the technology.

Hearing Health Is Brain Health

Waiting to try tinnitus maskers may sound inconsequential, but research shows that the longer you wait to treat tinnitus the harder it is for the brain to reduce its perception.

There’s a better way. We can help you manage tinnitus and stay healthy longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many doctors do not know that there are treatments for tinnitus. It’s true, there is no surgery or medication to cure tinnitus, but research has shown that about 80% of patients can reduce the perception of tinnitus using tinnitus retraining techniques. Oftentimes, the volume gets softer too.

For a majority of tinnitus cases, there is no “quick-fix” solution. As part of our new patient onboarding, we help our patients identify any possible medical cause to tinnitus and refer them to the appropriate medical tests when applicable. Usually, habituation-based protocols (like the system we follow) are the only way to improve tinnitus.

Most audiologists are not experts in tinnitus management. While you can certainly search your local area for tinnitus experts, research has shown that receiving care via telehealth can be performed at the same level of clinical efficacy. Your Treble Health audiologist may identify that you could benefit from in-person medical tests. In that case, we will refer you to the appropriate local clinic.

Our audiologists are trained in tinnitus retraining counseling, which is different from psychological talk therapy. Tinnitus retraining is focused on comprehensive sound therapy, proper education, and individualized counseling.

Hearing aids can help, but are not always enough. A comprehensive approach to managing tinnitus will focus on the whole person. This includes professional counseling, calming the central nervous system, and a comprehensive sound therapy plan.

Insurance does not cover the cost of tinnitus maskers or counseling. Ask your Treble Health audiologist for the up-to-date price of the maskers.