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Our science-backed tinnitus treatment can help you manage tinnitus. This week only, you can get $400 off by using the code “VETSDAY” – you do not need to be a veteran to qualify.

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Try Treble for 45 days. If you’re not fully satisfied, we’ll refund your entire order.

It's Time To Reduce The Ringing

Is tinnitus affecting your well-being and quality of life?

Tinnitus is one of the most common “invisible” conditions, affecting millions of people around the world. Did you know that tinnitus is the number one disability amongst Veterans?

To honor veterans day, we are offering $400 off a pair of Treble Maskers, which includes three (3) free consultations with one of our tinnitus experts. Use the code “VETSDAY” at checkout to buy tinnitus maskers now, or click the button below to schedule a FREE tinnitus masker evaluation consultation and take advantage of this limited time offer before it’s too late!

At Treble Health, we’ve worked with thousands of tinnitus patients, and 85% see improvement within three months when using maskers. Treble Maskers can help you manage your tinnitus and get back to feeling like your true self.

If you book a FREE consultation anytime in the next 5 days, we will honor the $400 off discount for treatment, even if your consultation is scheduled on a day after the offer expires.

Why Our Patients Love Treble Health

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Hope For Tinnitus

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“Treble Health gave me hope for my tinnitus when no one else could. My medical provider told me there was no cure (true) and gave me some pills. But Treble Health provided expert counseling and therapy. Their methods provided great relief and gave me back my life.”

Randy S. (Airplane Pilot)

Sound Therapy Treatment

With consistent use of Treble Maskers, you can reduce your awareness of tinnitus, helping your brain habituate naturally. 

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