Tinnitus and Medications

Ear Drops For Tinnitus: Good Or Bad?

If you’re struggling with a distracting ringing in your ears, you may be tempted to reach for any remedy to ease the symptoms. But before you grab a bottle of…

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Can Buspar Cause Tinnitus?

Buspar, a commonly prescribed medication for anxiety disorders, is no stranger to most people’s medicine cabinets. But, as with any medication, Buspar has potential side effects, and some are more…

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Zoloft And The Auditory System: Examining The Risk Of Tinnitus

Medications are typically viewed as a positive way of treating a variety of conditions. Unfortunately, some pain medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, and even blood pressure medications can have negative side effects,…

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Beyond The Nose: Flonase’s Surprising Effects On The Ears

Flonase is a commonly used over the counter nasal spray. It is used to help those who are struggling with ear pain, ear fullness, sinus congestion and more as a…

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Understanding Omeprazole’s Potential Influence On Tinnitus

Omeprazole, a commonly used medication for conditions related to excess stomach acid such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), acid reflux, and ulcers, has been scrutinized for its potential link to…

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5 Most Popular Supplements For Tinnitus

Many people want to find a supplement that they can take to cure their tinnitus. There are products out there that are specifically being marketed for the treatment of tinnitus….

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Magnesium And Tinnitus: Exploring Alternative Remedies

Magnesium, a mineral well-known for its potential benefits in improving sleep and aiding digestive health, is also gaining attention for its role in hearing health, including its impact on tinnitus….

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Can Wellbutrin Cause Tinnitus?

Tinnitus, a condition characterized by a phantom noise heard from within the head or ears and not an external source, affects about 15-20% of individuals worldwide. It may come in…

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SSRIs and Tinnitus: Can Antidepressants Affect Your Ears?

Tinnitus can be a debilitating condition for many who experience it. Therefore, it is not uncommon for those with tinnitus to often be prescribed medications to treat depression and/or anxiety….

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Medications, Pills, Tinnitus Cure, SSRI, Benzodiazepines & Drugs For Tinnitus

Ben Thompson, AuD. Hey everyone, my name is Dr. Ben Thompson. Today we have a special podcast episode with a medical doctor. What a treat, what an honor. Thank you,…

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