Hearing Aid Reviews

The Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids For Hearing Loss And Tinnitus

Bluetooth hearing aids are gaining in popularity, and with good reason: a Bluetooth hearing aid has the ability to make life easier for people experiencing hearing loss and other disorders…

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A Comprehensive Guide To Widex Hearing Aids | Independent Review

For those with tinnitus and other hearing impairments, the ability to fully engage in the world around us can be challenging. However, with the advent of sophisticated hearing aids, it’s…

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The 3 Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids Of 2022

It was only last decade that the hearing aid industry decided to switch from using disposable batteries to rechargeable lithium ion batteries, (which are still being improved upon)! In this…

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The Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids | Independent Review

Rechargeable hearing aids are often considered the best hearing aid option on the market, as they allow users to utilize their hearing aids without worrying about having to replace batteries…

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Widex Hearing Aids: Independent Brand Review

Did you know hearing aids are the most popular prescription for hearing loss in the world? Every year, millions of Americans suffering from various types of hearing problems contribute to…

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Phonak Hearing Aids: Independent Brand Review

The Background And History Of Phonak Hearing Aids Phonak, a well-respected hearing aid manufacturer, traces its roots back to 1947 in Switzerland, making it one of the oldest hearing aid…

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Signia Hearing Aids: Brand Review

When it comes to hearing aids, the name Signia is relatively new in the industry. However, the company behind these products and the technology used in them actually dates back…

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Oticon Own Hearing Aid Review

In this blog, we’ll be reviewing the Oticon Own line of hearing aids, with consideration to factors such as their fit, functionality, and sound quality. This will hopefully provide you…

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Independent Review: Starkey Hearing Aids

Technology is evolving fast – and that includes hearing aid technology. There are more hearing aid options available today than ever before, so you can find the hearing aid that…

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The Best Online Hearing Tests Of 2023

Being able to take a hearing test online using your smartphone, computer, or tablet is a convenient way to get an idea of your current hearing status. There are several…

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