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The Oticon Own is a new in-the-ear style of hearing aid. It is unique because it is the world's first in-ear hearing aid technology with an onboard Deep Neural Network (DNN) that is programmed to work more like our brain.

Oticon Own Hearing Aid Review

In this blog, we’ll be reviewing the Oticon Own hearing aid, with consideration to factors such as its fit, functionality, and sound quality. This will hopefully provide you with some

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Dr. Ben Thompson reviews the best invisible hearing aids available in 2022 and he mentioned that the best invisible hearing aid in 2022 is the Phonak Lyric. It sits deep inside the ear canal and requires professional fitting for maximum comfort.

Best Invisible Hearing Aids

Most people don’t like to show off their hearing aids. Because of this, several companies have worked to create invisible hearing aids. Here are our top picks for the best

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