Tinnitus Relief

Tinearity G1: An Independent Review

Tinnitus is one of those medical conditions that science has yet to fully figure out. Sometimes tinnitus can be spontaneous, other times it can come from hearing loss. In some…

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The Complete Guide to Tinnitus Relief

For people just beginning their journey with tinnitus, navigating the onslaught of information and advice can be pretty overwhelming. This primer aims to guide you through the condition, separate fact…

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Bimodal Stimulation For Tinnitus: Does It Work?

Bimodal stimulation is a fancy name for a simple concept – a method of simultaneously providing two different modes of sensory stimulation. When it comes to tinnitus treatment, the currently…

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Neosensory Duo v Neuromod Lenire: New 2023 Tinnitus Treatments

**Update: As of March 7th, 2023, Neuromod’s Lenire device has been granted FDA approval for bimodal stimulation, and can now be used by tinnitus patients in the United States. In…

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Lenire: Tinnitus Review For Bi-Modal Stimulation

Ben Thompson, AuD. Every so often the world of tinnitus has new research developments. One of the newest research developments in tinnitus is something called bimodal neural stimulation. And today…

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New Cure For Tinnitus? 10 Potential Breakthroughs To Be Excited About

Looking for a tinnitus cure? In today’s comprehensive article, you will learn about the newest research in search of a cure for tinnitus. Before we get started, we want to…

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Lenire Tinnitus Review | New Tinnitus Treatment By Neuromod

Lenire is a completely different take on tinnitus management. For many people, hearing aids, sound maskers, tinnitus retraining therapy, counseling, or lifestyle modifications provide relief for bothersome tinnitus. But what…

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Neosensory Duo: An Independent Product Review

How can a wristband help if there’s a ringing in my ears? This is the question most people have the first time they see/hear of Neosensory tinnitus devices. But, tinnitus…

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What Is Tinnitus? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Tinnitus is most often described as experiencing a perception of sound when there is not an external source of sound that can be identified in the immediate environment. Although it…

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Tinnitus

Sound therapy for tinnitus is frequently considered tantamount to a physical tinnitus treatment addressing the ear or inner ear, but there are other types of therapy that can help reduce…

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