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6 Tinnitus Success Stories With Treble Health

In this article, we will share tinnitus success stories from six patients. Treble Health worked with these individuals via telehealth, and they all ultimately succeeded in managing their tinnitus. These…

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The Sound of Silence: Melinda’s Journey to Tinnitus Relief and Recovery

Are you or someone you know currently struggling with tinnitus? The constant buzzing or ringing in one’s ears can be downright debilitating and impact many aspects of daily life for…

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Mark’s Journey Of Tinnitus Habituation | Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Ben Thompson, AuD. Hello everyone, this is Dr. Ben Thompson. I am here with Mark, someone who has worked with us for Tinnitus Retraining Therapy via Telehealth. 12 months ago,…

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Steve’s Inspiring Tinnitus Success Story: How He Reduced His Bothersome Tinnitus

Tinnitus can be frustrating and debilitating for those suffering from it. On top of this, despite its widespread prevalence, finding an effective treatment can be a challenging and often discouraging…

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Sudden Hearing Loss & Tinnitus: Success Story

Ben Thompson, AuD. Hello everyone, today we are with Archana who developed tinnitus about eight months ago. At that time, there was a sudden hearing loss, which created a sudden…

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From Loud Tinnitus to Silence: Covid Vaccine Tinnitus Success Story

Ben Thompson, AuD. Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Thompson. Welcome to episode 29 of my podcast where we have Esther who is a patient of mine. We met each…

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From Drummer to Audiologist: Dr. Suzanne’s Journey with Tinnitus

Today we will explore the story of Dr. Suzanne May, an accomplished audiologist with 18 years of experience specializing in tinnitus management. Dr. Suzanne not only brings her wealth of…

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“Immediate Relief From Tinnitus!” – Tamara’s Success Story

In a recent conversation between Tamara, a long-time tinnitus sufferer, and Treble Health founder Ben Thompson, AuD, the two spoke about the journey of tinnitus management. Their discussion was insightful,…

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Guiding Patients Through Tinnitus | Dr. Suzanne May

Ben Thompson, AuD. Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Ben Thompson with the Treble Health podcast. Today I am here with Dr. Suzanne May. Dr. Suzanne has tinnitus herself, is…

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Audiologist Shares Her Own Tinnitus Story | “Hearing Aids ABSOLUTELY Help!”

We are thrilled to announce the newest audiologist on the Treble Health team, this is Dr. Jen Anfinson, who is based in Minnesota. Dr. Jen has come on strong on…

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