The Sound of Silence: Melinda’s Journey to Tinnitus Relief and Recovery

Melinda's Tinnitus Success Story

Are you or someone you know currently struggling with tinnitus? The constant buzzing or ringing in one’s ears can be downright debilitating and impact many aspects of daily life for those living with it. Thankfully, there are various tinnitus treatments available that can help relieve and ease tinnitus symptoms for those that are currently suffering.

Today, we’re going to share the inspiring success story of Melinda, who suffered from severe tinnitus for months before seeking help and tinnitus treatments from Treble Health. Dr. Ben Thompson, AuD, interviewed Melinda about her journey and the relief she found with the help of Treble Health’s tinnitus specialists. From feeling defeated and hopeless to regaining control of her life, Melinda’s story is a testament to the importance of seeking the right tinnitus treatment.

Where It Began

Melinda’s success story with tinnitus treatment is a remarkable one. She was at a four on a scale of one to ten when she finally found relief, but when she first experienced the ringing in her ears, it was a deafening eight or nine. She first discovered she had tinnitus after an unrelated surgery, and it was ultimately a really debilitating experience for her to face. 

For the first few months, she couldn’t drive, read, or even watch TV. She lost 20 pounds during those two months and was even unable to take care of her children at times. She spent most of her time pacing around her kitchen, waiting for those brief, fleeting moments when the tinnitus would shift or lessen. 

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However, after a few months, she started getting brief breaks from her tinnitus. Then, one day, her left ear stopped ringing, but her right ear continued to ring. Despite this, she held onto hope that she would find real relief. However, Melinda’s journey toward finding relief for her tinnitus was a difficult one. 

After discovering her tinnitus, she went to her doctor, who could not provide her with any answers or solutions. She was then referred to an ENT, who essentially performed a hearing test and told her there was nothing he could do. Feeling defeated, Melinda turned to the internet for answers.

Despite her efforts, Melinda hit dead ends with her online research and struggled to find effective solutions. She eventually found an audiologist willing to try to set up a masker for her, but he had never programmed one before and, in the end, could not provide her with the support she needed. Frustrated and desperate, Melinda searched for further help online, sometimes in less-than-ideal places, until she finally stumbled upon Treble Health.

Melinda’s Tinnitus Treatment

Melinda’s journey with tinnitus was very difficult, and she faced numerous challenges along the way. However, things began to change for the better after signing up for a consultation on Treble Health. 

In her first interaction using the platform, Melinda was given a free consultation with Dr. Tracy, one of the leading audiologists and tinnitus specialists. She was amazed by the quick response and could talk with Dr. Tracy instantly. This was a refreshing change for Melinda, as she had previously been on a long waitlist for another clinic.

Dr. Tracy was the first person to give Melinda hope and explain that her tinnitus could improve. She introduced Melinda to the concept of habituation, which she had not heard before and was unaware of. This was a turning point for Melinda, and she began to see things differently. She was enrolled in the acute care plan and started working with Dr. Tracy weekly.

Melinda was eager to learn about the treatment methods that Treble Health used. She had used a masker before, but it had not been successful. At Treble Health, she was introduced to various sound therapies and techniques that helped to manage her tinnitus. Dr. Tracy also provided her with a sound therapy device called a neuromodulation device, which helped reduce her tinnitus volume over time. 

With the guidance and support of Dr. Tracy, Melinda began to feel relief from her tinnitus, and she was finally able to start functioning normally again.

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Cognitive-Behavioral Style Support

CBT, or cognitive-behavioral therapy, is a common form of therapy used to help treat tinnitus and bring relief. During her sessions with Dr. Tracy, Melinda received targeted CBT-style support to help treat her tinnitus. 

According to Melinda, Dr. Tracy helped her to develop strategies for coping with her tinnitus in specific situations, such as during a work trip or when she woke up in the morning feeling depressed. Dr. Tracy also helped Melinda to understand that her negative thoughts and emotions were contributing to her tinnitus and taught her how to change those patterns of thinking and respond to her tinnitus in a more positive way.

One example of targeted CBT that Melinda received was learning how to use maskers in a noisy environment, such as on an airplane or in a crowded restaurant. Maskers are devices that produce a sound that is designed to mask or cover up the sound of tinnitus. Melinda successfully used maskers during her work trip to Washington, DC, which was a significant accomplishment for her.

Another example of treatment that Melinda received was learning to avoid dwelling on her condition when she woke up in the morning. Dr. Tracy helped Melinda develop a routine that involved getting up immediately, going to the gym, and not giving herself time to dwell on her symptoms. This helped Melinda to start her day in a more positive frame of mind, and set the tone for a better day overall.

Throughout her sessions, Dr. Tracy was able to challenge Melinda’s negative thoughts and help her to develop more positive coping strategies for dealing with her tinnitus. This type of therapy can be highly effective for tinnitus sufferers and can significantly improve their quality of life.

Sound Therapy Devices

On top of target CBT, Melinda’s use of sound therapy devices for her tinnitus has been invaluable in managing the condition. The devices, also known as bimodal neuromodulation devices, are small, hearing aid-like devices customized to emit specific sounds that help mask the ringing in her ears. 

She has been using sound therapy devices for her tinnitus for a few months. At first, getting used to them took a lot of work, and she struggled to find the right volume level. But after a few weeks, she got the hang of it, and now, she doesn’t even notice them anymore.

Dr. Tracy customized a pink noise sound for her, as high-pitch sounds did not work as well. She also uses an app that offers sounds like ambient noise and crickets to help further mask her tinnitus. However, Dr. Tracy cautioned her not to get too creative with her sound choices and to only stick to two or three sounds to avoid overwhelming her ears.

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She says that the experience has been positive overall and that she wears them all day, from when she wakes up until she goes to sleep, every day. She also uses other sound therapy devices, including a Sound Oasis machine and sleep sound pillows. These devices have helped prevent her from hyper-focusing and checking in on her tinnitus, which only further exacerbates the condition.

Overall, she’s happy with her decision to use sound therapy for her tinnitus. She has noticed direct improvements in her condition, as she has even been able to lower the volume on the devices twice already.

The Benefits of Using Treble Health for Telehealth

Using telehealth to connect with Dr. Tracy for her tinnitus treatment has been quite convenient for Melinda. As someone who already works remotely, she really appreciates the ease and convenience that telehealth provides. She has been able to schedule weekly appointments and receive remote adjustments for her sound therapy devices without needing to leave her home.

Through the Treble Health app, Dr. Tracy has been able to make adjustments to the sound therapy devices within just 10 minutes or less. Melinda found the process very easy and was impressed by how quickly Dr. Tracy could make changes to the treatment plan. Additionally, as her tinnitus improves, the sound therapy treatment can be adjusted accordingly, providing a customized and effective approach to managing her condition.

Melinda is grateful for the ease of use and effectiveness of telehealth and is happy to continue using it for her tinnitus treatment. She has even been able to reduce her appointments to twice a month, indicating that her condition is improving with the help of sound therapy and remote care.

Her experience highlights the challenges many people with tinnitus face when trying to find relief. With so many tinnitus treatments available, it can be difficult to know which treatments are effective and which are not. However, her story is also a testament to the fact that there is hope. 

So even if you’ve tried various tinnitus treatments in the past without success, there may still be a solution out there that can work for you. By seeking out the right support and guidance, it is possible to find real relief from its debilitating effects.

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