What Is Tinnitus?

Gaba molecule

What Is GABA Tinnitus?

The term GABA tinnitus is something of a misnomer; although GABA levels can contribute to tinnitus, the role of GABA concentrations in tinnitus are currently being evaluated to determine how…

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woman suffering from tinnitus pain

Can Tinnitus Be Painful?

Tinnitus can be a headache, but it usually isn’t painful. If you’re feeling pain while experiencing a ringing in your ears, the source of the discomfort usually isn’t tinnitus itself,…

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What Does Tinnitus Sound Like?

What Does Tinnitus Sound Like?

Tinnitus is the perception of hearing sounds in the ears or head, and the sounds can be different for every person. Typical sounds include ringing, buzzing, humming, and clicking. Depending…

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