Steve’s Inspiring Tinnitus Success Story: How He Reduced His Bothersome Tinnitus

Steve's tinnitus success story

Tinnitus can be frustrating and debilitating for those suffering from it. On top of this, despite its widespread prevalence, finding an effective treatment can be a challenging and often discouraging journey. 

However, amidst the struggles and setbacks, there are examples of success stories of individuals who have overcome their tinnitus and reclaimed their lives. Today we’re going to explore one of those stories.

Steve, a pharmacist who has been exposed to tinnitus throughout his life, will share his personal journey and the tools he used to reduce his symptoms significantly. In this engaging conversation with Dr. Ben Thompson, we’ll learn about Steve’s initial struggles with tinnitus, his family history with the condition, and how he managed to find hope and ultimately improve his quality of life.

Despite being diagnosed with tinnitus and having normal-range hearing, Steve overcame the odds and transformed his life. Join us as we dive into the depths of Steve’s experience, from the initial symptoms to the strategies he employed, and the remarkable tools he relied upon. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with tinnitus or know someone who has, this is a story you won’t want to miss.

Steve’s Journey With Tinnitus 

Steve’s story began in January of 2022, when he awoke one morning with a buzzing sound in his ears. Although he initially dismissed it as a cold, the sound persisted even after his sinus symptoms cleared. 

His father had Meniere’s disease, so he had always had some degree of familiarity with tinnitus symptoms, and even his mother developed symptoms later on. With a pharmacist background and a family history of tinnitus, Steve knew the gravity of the situation and began to grow increasingly worried.

"Treble Health helped me reduce my tinnitus by about 80%, and now I can live my life again!"
"Treble Health helped me reduce my tinnitus by about 80%, and now I can live my life again!"
– Steve D.
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In the first few months of his tinnitus journey, Steve’s condition deteriorated. The constant sound affected his work, mental health, and overall well-being. He found himself consumed by the noise, unable to concentrate or function properly. As a result, he had to go on medical leave.

The turning point came when Steve began focusing on success stories and embraced the belief that he could get better. Through research and connecting with others who had experienced similar challenges, he found hope and inspiration — and eventually found the professionals at Treble Health.

The Journey To Recovery

Four months after his journey began, Steve started to see a glimmer of hope, which marked the beginning of his road to recovery. Understanding the concept of tinnitus retraining therapy and the importance of distracting the mind played a pivotal role in his journey.

One of the key tools Steve utilized was sound therapy. He initially used a sound generator in his room to mask the tinnitus but soon realized that he needed to hear the sound just below the masking level to make progress. 

As the room sound generator wasn’t portable, Steve turned to ear-level sound generators, which were programmed to match his tinnitus range. These provided him with a sense of protection and relief, allowing him to focus on something other than the constant noise.

Steve’s recovery was further supported by the guidance and expertise of Dr. Suzanne, an audiologist from Treble Health. Through regular conversations, Suzanne addressed Steve’s concerns and questions, giving him the confidence and reassurance that he could overcome his tinnitus.

Gradually, Steve began to see progress as his mind shifted away from constantly focusing on the tinnitus. This neuroplasticity allowed him to slowly reduce the amount of time he spent thinking about the noise. As he grew more confident, Steve found that his quality of life improved, and his tinnitus became less of a burden.

The Tools For Success

Alongside sound therapy and expert guidance from an audiologist, Steve also incorporated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help him cope with his condition. By using a tinnitus-focused CBT app, he learned how to distract his mind, maintain a positive outlook, and break free from negative thinking loops.

It’s important to note that Steve’s journey to improvement was not an easy or immediate one. Initially, he put pressure on himself to get better quickly, but he soon realized that habituation is a process that takes time. By allowing himself more room for improvement and understanding that recovery could take anywhere from six to 18 months, or even longer, he was able to calm down and focus on his progress.

Regular check-ins with Suzanne provided Steve with reassurance and support. Her confidence in his ability to improve helped him stay motivated and hopeful throughout his journey. 

Initially, Steve used a sound generator in his room, but during a vacation, he realized the need for a more portable solution to help manage his tinnitus.

Tinnitus maskers, which are discreet, wearable devices programmed by an audiologist based on an individual’s hearing needs, provided Steve with the confidence and relief he was seeking. By using these devices, he was able to shift his focus away from his tinnitus and engage with the people and environment around him.

Steve emphasizes that the decision to try tinnitus maskers was a crucial step in his recovery, and he found the technology to be discreet and unobtrusive. He encourages others who may be concerned about the visibility of these devices to focus on their potential benefits for improving quality of life.

Steve emphasizes the journey through habituation stages and clarifies that using ear-level sound generators (tinnitus maskers) is not a permanent solution, but a tool to achieve a state of habituation. Steve initially thought using these devices meant admitting defeat, but his experience proved otherwise. 

Throughout his journey, Steve spent around 3.5 to 4 months in Stage 1 (the most intense) before reaching Stage 2, where he began to experience moments of not noticing his tinnitus. This turning point occurred around four months into his journey. After another two months, he reached Stage 3, with extended periods of not noticing his tinnitus. 

Currently, eight months into his journey, Steve finds himself between stages 3 and 4, and is now only occasionally annoyed by his tinnitus.

Trust Treble Health for Help

Steve’s journey with tinnitus highlights the importance of remaining hopeful, seeking professional help, and giving yourself the proper time needed for habituation. 

As Steve shared, the road to habituation can be difficult and filled with ups and downs, but by staying positive and finding the right support, it is possible to achieve a better quality of life despite tinnitus. His experiences in overcoming the challenges of tinnitus can serve as a source of encouragement for others who are currently struggling with the condition.

If you’re looking for professional guidance or tinnitus maskers, Treble Health’s team of telehealth audiologists are ready to help. Remember that you’re not alone in your tinnitus journey, and by sharing stories like Steve’s, we hope to create a supportive community that fosters healing and understanding for everyone.

We thank Steve for openly sharing his story and offering hope to others facing similar challenges with tinnitus and tinnitus treatments. If you found this blog helpful, please leave a comment and share your thoughts. We’re here to support you on your journey toward habituation and a better quality of life!

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