The First Hearing Loss Cure? | FX-322 Update | Frequency Therapeutics

The First Hearing Loss Cure? | FX-322 Update | Frequency Therapeutics

FX-322 is a new pharmaceutical research drug by Frequency Therapeutics aimed at finding a cure for hearing loss. This article will discuss updates in the drug’s development and its effectiveness in trials thus far, as well as its potential as a form of treatment for those with hearing loss or tinnitus.

Dr. Thompson explains FX-322 and its implications for tinnitus patients.

FX-322: Can It Cure Tinnitus?

FX-322 aims to cure hearing loss and tinnitus by naturally repairing or reversing damage caused by degenerative disease. This diagnosis is generally referred to as age-related or sensorineural hearing loss.

Phase 1b of the trial looked at patients with mild to moderately severe age-related hearing loss of ages 66 to 85. Another 1b trial looked at patients with severe hearing loss of ages 18 to 65. In an article from Otology & Neurotology published in February 2021, the researchers mention that these trials aimed at improving speech intelligibility in subjects with stable sensorineural hearing loss, the most common type of hearing loss, following an intratympanic dosing of FX-322, which means putting the drug through the eardrum and having it affect the inner hearing organ, known as the cochlea.

This study was mainly composed of guinea pigs—which are the most commonly tested animal in studies seeking to replicate the human cochlea—but also included some intratympanic dosing with humans. Most importantly, the study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial in three different ENT clinics in the US. The individuals in the study were diagnosed with mild to moderately severe sensorineural hearing loss in one or both ears for more than six months, and six real patients were administered a dose of FX-322. Out of the six, four showed clinically significant improvements, meaning that their word recognition scores improved between 18% and 42%, as opposed to no significant changes observed in the placebo group. Thus, the conclusions of this study show that the delivery of FX-322 to the extended high-frequency region of the cochlea is well-tolerated and may enhance speech recognition performance in multiple subjects with stable chronic hearing loss.

Can Progenitor Cells Cure Hearing Loss Or Tinnitus?

FX-322 is an advanced therapeutic solution that activates progenitor cells, which are analogous to stem cells in their ability to produce certain cell types. Studies have unveiled remarkable regenerative and revitalizing powers of these progenitor cells contained within various organs and tissues – particularly age-related hearing loss cases showed marked improvement after taking this medication.

Even if you think that you may be a perfect candidate for this treatment, bear in mind that if the drug is approved for the treatment of hearing loss or tinnitus, it will be restricted to only certain individuals. The pharmaceutical company cannot make this medication available to the masses until more data and research have been gathered. The success of FX-322 is still uncertain at this time, and its widespread availability might prove to be a few years away. Nevertheless, Treble Health will remain alert and informed concerning any advances in relevant studies and research progressions.

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