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MD CORE vs. MD VOLT Which is the BEST Hearing Aid?

Comparing MD Hearing Aid Volt and MD Hearing Aid Core.

MDHearingAid has been providing high-quality, affordable hearing aids to patients for over a decade. Today we had Dr. Ben Thompson, our founder and CEO, compare two of their hearing aid models, the MD CORE and the MD VOLT. Read or watch below to discover the differences between these models’ fit, features, price, and more.

Dr. Ben Thompson compares MD VOLT and CORE hearing aids


The MD VOLT is slightly larger than the MD CORE, but they both fit up and behind the ear and include a thin plastic tube that goes inside the ear canal. Both devices include buttons for adjusting volume and selecting between programs.

MD CORE and VOLT Sound Quality

One slight advantage that the MD CORE carries over the VOLT is that it allows you to take a hearing test in your hearing aids via your smartphone. The VOLT is not smartphone compatible, and therefore cannot be custom programmed in the same manner. 

Moreover, in my testing I found the MD VOLT to have a much higher risk of feedback. Feedback is a term used to describe the whistling sound created when a sound is played just a little too loud.


One advantage that the MD VOLT has over the CORE is its rechargeable battery. That said, the MD CORE offers smartphone app connectivity via its app (but no audio streaming), whereas the VOLT does not. 

One of the main drawbacks to both the MD CORE and VOLT is that they come in limited colorways. As of writing, they both only come in beige and thus will stand out more on patients with darker skin. Another drawback to the MD CORE and VOLT is that they lack tinnitus sound therapy features.


The MD CORE is more expensive than the VOLT. However, despite the cost, I would choose the CORE if you have the money, since it is an overall better investment than the VOLT.


All in all, both of these devices are good quality hearing aids, depending on your needs. The VOLT has rechargeability and a lower price tag. But in our professional opinion, the MD CORE is a better investment for your money, as it has smartphone compatibility and less risk of feedback.

As always, please discuss with your audiologist before you purchase

What To Do Next For Hearing Loss

If you have additional questions about these or other hearing aids and are curious about which hearing aid is right for you, please reach out to us at treblehealth.com. Our team provides expert consultation and assistance in identifying the right hearing aid for you.

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