Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid Review

Phonak Paradise Review

Phonak Paradise- a premium hearing aid with a reputation for excellent sound quality and reliable charging, but how does it compare to others in the market?

How Does The Phonak Paradise Look And How Is It Used?

The Phonak Paradise is a sleek hearing aid that fits nicely behind the ear. It includes a rocker switch that you can use to control volume and toggle preset programs. With the guidance of an audiologist, the Paradise can be easily adjusted to your hearing test levels. The Paradise also includes a rubber tip that can be exchanged and fitted to create a more secure ear mold. Finally, the Phonak Paradise comes with a sturdy rechargeable case, with clear labelling for right and left hearing aids. The case makes it very easy to insert and take out each hearing aid. 

Phonak Paradise: Smartphone App

The Phonak Paradise’s app is called myPhonak, and while it’s not the best hearing aid app out there, it does properly control basic functions like changing volume and programs. 

Phonak Paradise: Bluetooth Compatibility

The Paradise Paradise hearing aids offer excellent Bluetooth compatibility, enabling you to pair your phone to your hearing aids so that you can stream music, listen to podcasts, and take phone calls. The Paradise also includes a feature called Tap Control, which allows you to accept phone calls, activate streaming, or toggle your phone’s voice assistant by simply tapping your hearing aid.

Phonak Paradise: Audiologist Care

For those with tinnitus, the Phonak Paradise hearing aids are connected to Phonak software, offering you the ability to set up tinnitus masking or sound therapy via your hearing aids. It’s also important to note that, like most other hearing aids, the Phonak Paradise is typically fitted and dispensed by a clinical audiologist. If you visit a clinic for a hearing test and fitting, your audiologist has the option to initialize a feature called remote care for the Phonak Paradise. This means that if you’re unable to attend a physical appointment at your audiology clinic, you can request your audiologist send an adjustment to the Phonak Paradise in order to fine tune necessary settings, thereby offering you greater flexibility.

Dr. Ben Thompson talks about the different benefits and drawbacks of the Phonak Paradise hearing aids.

Benefits And Drawbacks of the Phonak Paradise

Benefit #1: Sound quality.

The Paradise provides excellent sound quality, including in situations with considerable background noise.

Benefit #2: Rechargeable case.

The Phonak Paradise’s case is sturdy, reliable, and easy to use. You can use the hearing aids for an entire day after simply charging the case for a couple hours.

Benefit #3: Bluetooth compatibility.

The Paradise offers some of the best Bluetooth connectivity in the hearing aid market, and can be easily connected to iPhone and Android devices. 

Benefit #4: Audiologist consultation.

When getting fitted with the Phonak Paradise, you’ll get all the benefits of working with an audiologist. This may include real-ear measurements, counseling, outcome measures, and in-person hearing tests, all of which will work to maximize hearing aid performance.

Drawback #1: Price.

Unfortunately, premium hearing aids are very expensive. According to a 2015 report from the President’s Council of Advisors of Science & Technology, one hearing aid cost an average of $2,300. For most Americans, a pair of hearing aids will cost almost $5,000.

Comparable Products to Consider

The Audicus Wave are online hearing aids that are significantly cheaper than the Phonak Paradise and offer a similar setup. The Lucid Audio Engage Enlite hearing aids are also more affordable, while still offering excellent streaming features and rechargeability.

What To Do Next For Hearing Loss

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