Independent Review: Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Hearing Aids

Technology is evolving fast – and that includes hearing aid technology. There are more hearing aid options available today than ever before, so you can find the hearing aid that has the best sound quality, functionality, and look for you when you make the decision to own hearing aids. Starkey hearing aids offer a wide range of models, styles, and features, but are they the right fit for your needs? Our independent review can help you decide if wearing Starkey hearing aids is the right choice for you.

About Starkey Hearing Technologies

Unlike some other hearing aid brands, Starkey hearing aids are manufactured by an American-owned brand. Their company headquarters are in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. They were founded by owner and chairman Bill Austin more than 50 years ago.

Starkey is affiliated with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which provides opportunities for hearing healthcare providers to improve access to hearing aids across the world.

Styles And Options

Starkey hearing aids, different models

Everyone’s hearing needs are different, so Starkey hearing aids provide options including smaller options that fit into your ear canal (e.g., discreet completely-in-canal [CIC], in-the-canal [ITC]), in-the-ear, and invisible (IIC) custom styles. Some custom hearing aids even include rechargeable hearing aids.

Starkey hearing aid models such as receiver-in-ear and behind-the-ear devices, including Power Plus, are available, too. Starkey has a reputation among audiologists for providing a great custom fit and there are multiple style options to suit your look. Some styles may even remind you of Bluetooth headphones.

Your options don’t end at aesthetics. Starkey offers models suitable for most levels of hearing from mild hearing loss to profound hearing loss so as to provide an option that will suit all hearing aid users. You can even choose a model to fit your tech preferences.

Modern Features From An Established Brand

Intelligent hearing aids are smart enough to automatically amplify certain sounds while reducing background noise. Improved sound quality is great, but there’s a lot more that today’s hearing aids can do:

  • Award-winning Evolve AI technology boasts everything from sound equalizing, health activity monitoring, and even language translation with certain models. Starkey uses artificial intelligence to provide adjustments in real-time that are designed to optimize sounds when you ave having trouble hearing.
  • Two-way audio allows you to stream phone calls right from your hearing aids. A microphone in the device picks up your voice, so your phone calls can be completely hands-free with good sound quality;.
  • The Thrive hearing control app allows you to adjust volume, monitor your activity, and more right from your phone. If you prefer to use a digital assistant like Siri or Alexa, Starkey’s got you covered. These adjustments allow you to optimize your Starkey hearing aids in a variety of challenging listening environments such as higher levels of background noise. Additionally, the app allows you to use GPS technology that will allow you to find Starkey hearing aids, if they become lost.
  • TeleHear, Starkey’s remote programming technology, allows hearing aid users to receive remote programming adjustments to your device. This is especially useful if you prefer tele-health appointments with your licensed hearing care professional.
  • The Fall Alert (fall detection) feature allows users to alert specific designated contacts that they have fallen. These fall detection and alerts also include GPS coordinates for your location that will make it easy for help to find you.
  • By pairing your Starkey hearing aids to your smartphone, you can turn your phone into a remote microphone that will allow you to more easily pick up sounds in your environment.

It’s important to note that not all Starkey hearing aids have all these capabilities. Evolv AI hearing aids, Livio hearing aids, Livio AI hearing aids, and Livio Edge AI hearing aids offer the highest-tech options. Starkey hearing aids require that they are used with certain specific smartphone models. Before you settle on a model, be sure to check the website for phone compatibility information.

Turning Down Tinnitus

Starkey hearing aids have a standard tinnitus sound generator (TSG) to help take your mind off tinnitus, and of course you can customize it for your needs. The available evidence supports a strategy such as hearing sounds to distract the brain from tinnitus and using tinnitus technology such as a TSG is a great way to do this.

The default TSG setting on Starkey devices can be adjusted by your hearing professional through the fitting software. If you prefer, you can adjust TSG volume and modulation yourself through the app, or the tinnitus technology be adjusted remotely through virtual care. 

Setup, Use, And Support

Starkey’s support system ensures that you’re getting the most out of your device. There’s a broad range of resources available, including troubleshooting tips, electronic versions of user manuals, videos to help with phone connectivity issues, and much more.

These devices can be programmed virtually or in a face-to-face appointment. Live, synchronous remote programming is available using the Thrive app. Customer service by phone is available at 800-721-3573 Monday through Friday, 7am-7pm CST. Be aware that there is no evening or weekend customer support available.


Starkey hearing aids cost typically falls in the $1,300-$4,300 range. Your hearing care provider will first do a hearing test, which will provide the results that will be used to program your hearing aids. Your health insurance should cover hearing tests completed by a hearing professional (with a physician order). Your health insurance may cover hearing aids and there may be discounts or promotions available. Either way, Starkey offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee for all hearing aid styles.

Starkey recognizes that hearing aid costs are difficult for many individuals to assume. For those having difficulty with the out of pocket cost often associated with hearing aids, the Starkey Cares program may be an option. After paying an application fee, qualifying individuals may receive free hearing aids.

Talking To Your Hearing Care Professional

starkey rechargeable hearing aids

Starkey is a well-known, established American brand that’s been extremely popular in the hearing aid industry since the 80s. Despite the brand’s deep roots, it’s kept up with recent developments in Artificial Intelligence technology and remote healthcare.

If you’re looking for a custom hearing solution, you may choose to purchase Starkey hearing aids from a hearing professional. Starkey gives you ample opportunity to choose the features and fit you want and achieve quality hearing outcomes. Speak to your doctor about your wants and needs to ensure you’re getting the best device for you.

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