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4 Reasons Why You Should LOVE Costco Hearing Aids | Kirkland Signature 10 Review

The Kirkland Signature 10.0 can work for all types and degrees of hearing loss. For those with greater hearing loss, it may make sense to use something called an ear mold, which enhances the fit in the ear canal. 

This article will review Costco’s newest hearing aid (released in 2021), the Kirkland Signature 10.0.

Dr. Ben Thompson shares the benefits and drawbacks of Costco’s newest hearing aid, the Kirkland Signature 10.0

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Kirkland Signature 10.0

Benefit #1: Price

For under $1,400, you get a pair of durable, rechargeable hearing aids, fit with the help of a professional. This is a sizable discount compared to hearing aids purchased from traditional clinics.

Benefit #2: Bluetooth connectivity

With the Kirkland SIgnature 10.0, you can take phone calls and stream music and videos all through your hearing aids, regardless of whether you have an Apple or Android device. The hearing aids also come with a built-in microphone, allowing for hands-free calling.

Benefit #3: Rechargeability

The Kirkland Signature 10.0 comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery system, which is considered to be the gold standard. After charging the devices for a few hours overnight, you’ll have enough charge to use the hearing aids all day without worry. 

Benefit #4: Flexible trial period

Costco offers a six month trial period for their hearing aids, enabling you to test them and return them if they aren’t a good fit. This is significantly longer than the 30- to 45-day trial periods offered by most clinics, and affords you the time needed to work through the month-long retraining period when switching to new hearing aids.

Drawback #1: Professional support

While some Costco locations have audiologists on staff, other locations might have less experienced professionals who may have trouble ensuring proper fit and troubleshooting any problems. Programming hearing aids requires time, attention, training, and expertise, which you are more likely to find in audiology clinics.

If you are looking to purchase hearing aids from a Costco near you, make sure you ask to meet with an audiologist or, if not possible, a professional with the most experience. This will decrease the possibility of inadequately fitted hearing aids.

Drawback #2: Tinnitus masking

Some Kirkland hearing aids may lack the capability to provide tinnitus masking (also known as sound therapy). Even if the hearing aids themselves offer this function, sometimes the professionals fitting the hearing aids do not have the knowledge or authority to properly program this feature. Moreover, some Costco hearing centers may have a rule that prevents programming tinnitus masking into their Kirkland hearing aids.

Kirkland Signature 10.0 Fit & Functionality

The Kirkland Signature 10.0 comes in a style typical to most hearing aids. It has a sleek, relatively small form factor, with push buttons placed up behind the ear. It is a RIC-style hearing aid, meaning that it has a thin wire that goes inside the ear canal.

The Kirkland Signature 10.0 can work for all types and degrees of hearing loss. For those with greater hearing loss, it may make sense to use something called an ear mold, which enhances the fit in your ear canal. 

The Kirkland Signature 10.0 smartphone app has a pretty low rating, but can adequately cover basic functions such as changing volume and switching between programs. 

Kirkland Signature 10.0 Telehealth

According to Costco’s website, they offer remote services for select hearing aids, meaning that their hearing aids can be adjusted remotely.

As mentioned earlier, Costco’s professional support can be varied, and most people won’t have access to an audiologist through Costco. Remote care and telehealth is an important consideration, as adjusting your hearing aids through your smartphone can often save you a trip to your local hearing aid center. If you choose to purchase hearing aids from Costco, consider inquiring about what remote care and telehealth services they offer.

Comparison: Lively Hearing Aids

The Lively Hearing Aids are slightly more expensive than the Kirkland Signature 10.0. While the Kirkland Signature 10.0 are of a higher quality, Lively offers some telehealth services, thereby eliminating the need for in-person fitting and service. 

Comparison: Bose Sound Control Hearing Aids

The Bose Sound Control hearing aids are cheaper than the Kirkland Signature 10.0, coming in at under $1,000. While they lack rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity, they offer self-fitting via telehealth, thereby eliminating the need to go into a clinic.

What To Do Next For Hearing Loss

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