Tinnitus and Other Health Concerns

Cervical Tinnitus: Can Neck Injuries Lead To Ringing Ears?

If you’ve recently suffered a neck injury and are experiencing persistent ringing in your ear, it’s possible you’re dealing with tinnitus, especially if the sound is inaudible to others and…

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Transient Ear Noise And Tinnitus: What You Need To Know

Are you experiencing some kind of unusual ear noise and are unsure what to do or where to go next? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. You…

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Sudden Hearing Loss: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

What Is A Sudden Hearing Loss? Sudden hearing loss or sudden deafness is a hearing loss that occurs rapidly. The rapid loss in hearing can take place overnight or over…

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Tinnitus And Its Effects On Concentration

Many tinnitus patients are not fully aware of the extensive impact that the condition may have on their overall well-being. The severity of tinnitus often correlates with the intensity of…

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The Star Trek Explosion That Caused William Shatner’s Tinnitus

William Shatner — who is best known for playing Captain James Kirk on the television series Star Trek —has frequently and candidly shared his experiences dealing with a severe case…

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Exploring The Similarities Between Tinnitus and Chronic Pain

If you live with chronic pain and also experience tinnitus, you are not alone. Studies show that people with chronic pain have a higher risk of chronic tinnitus – but…

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Tinnitus And Anxiety Disorders: Is There A Connection?

Tinnitus is a condition wherein the perception of sound occurs in the absence of an external auditory stimulus. While this may seem unusual, tinnitus actually affects approximately 10-25% of the…

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A Closer Look At The Psychological Toll Of Chronic Tinnitus

For most people, tinnitus may come and go without causing much distress. But for as many as 20% of tinnitus patients, that constant ringing in the ears can have an…

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Understanding The Link Between Tinnitus and Oxidative Stress

When the term “oxidative stress” is mentioned, what comes to your mind? Regardless of your familiarity with the concept, oxidative stress impacts your life daily. Our bodies constantly face environmental…

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Does Insurance Cover Tinnitus? What You Need To Know.

Whether you struggle with tinnitus, hearing loss, or a combination of both, the best first step is to connect with a medical professional. Depending on your symptoms, there are a…

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