Our Top Choices To Buy Hearing Aids Online

Our Top Choices to Buy Hearing Aids Online

Purchasing hearing aids is a big decision—often the biggest one behind purchasing a house or car—and can significantly impact quality of life. Good hearing aids should last about five years on average so it’s important to consider many different factors before purchasing. In this article, we will cover five hearing aids currently available for purchase online.

Dr. Ben Thompson talks about the best hearing aids available online

#1: Phonak Paradise

The Phonak Paradise is considered one of the top hearing aids, and thus they are a consistent favorite among the patients that Treble Health works with. The Phonak Paradise can only be purchased online via trusted audiologists and telehealth services (including Treble Health). This allows for the hearing aids to be programmed and adjusted according to specific patient specifications and hearing profiles. When purchased via Treble Health, the Phonak Paradise comes bundled with three follow-up visits to ensure proper programming.

#2: Lively

Partially owned by reputable hearing aid manufacturer ReSound, Lively offers reliable hearing aids for purchase online at a fair price. Lively as a company is only selling one hearing aid brand. While the company has an in-house team to assist with fitting, be aware that you may be paired with a hearing aid specialist as opposed to a licensed audiologist. If this occurs, be sure to request an experienced audiologist to ensure proper fitting and programming.

#3: Eargo

Eargo offers hearing aids for purchase, which has amplification for high frequencies. Be aware that these devices can be tinny and may need to be adjusted accordingly. Of note, the Department of Justice recently conducted an investigation of Eargo regarding insurance billing difficulties, so be sure to do your due diligence if you choose to purchase from Eargo. 

#4: Signia

Signia offers excellent hearing aids, and they are especially known for their great styles and designs. Their Stiletto hearing aid is designed as a thin piece that goes far below and behind the ear, affording it a sleek, futuristic look. Signia also offers a model called Silk, which is a non-custom piece that fits inside the ear canal. Both models are good options and can be programmed by your audiologist.

#5: Bose Sound Control

The Bose Sound Control are self-fitting hearing aids available for purchase online. A considerable drawback to Bose is that they don’t have any audiologists on staff to assist with the fitting process. Thus, it’s important to consult with an independent audiologist in order to figure out if the Bose Sound Control is the best option to treat your hearing loss. 

That concludes our assessment of hearing aids available online—thank you for reading! If you are interested in learning more about any of the above hearing aid brands, then sign up for a free consultation through Treble Health. We would love to connect you with one of our audiologists and talk more about your hearing aid needs. **It should be noted that Bose is exiting the hearing aid market as of May 2022. 

What To Do Next For Hearing Loss

Finding the right hearing aids can be a process. At Treble Health, we have compiled a consumer guide that explains the pros and cons of the best hearing aids on the market. Click here to get the free Hearing Aids in 2022: Consumer Guide.

Want to speak with an expert audiologist about hearing aids instead? At the tap of a finger, you can schedule a free Hear From Home™ telehealth consultation today! You’ll be connected with a real audiologist, not a salesperson, and there is no obligation or commitment.

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