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Lively Hearing Aids Review 2022

The Lively hearing aids are much cheaper than the ReSound One, which can only be purchased via an in-person audiology clinic.

If you have spent much time researching hearing aid brands, you have probably come across the brand Lively. Dr. Ben is reviewing their most recent hearing aids, and giving you all the information, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lively Hearing Aids: Fitting

To purchase the Lively hearing aids, you must first submit an audiogram (hearing test) to Lively, and then they’ll send you their hearing aids programmed to your specific audiogram results and hearing loss. In my experience ordering the hearing aids, an audiology assistant from Lively checked in via phone call and scheduled a fitting consultation with one of their audiologists.

It’s useful to note that the hearing aids use the same technology as the ReSound LiNX Quattro 5, and that they’re essentially a white-labeled/rebranded version of this model of ReSound hearing aids. As a result, the settings for these hearing aids are not locked, and any audiologist with ReSound software can adjust them.

When I ordered the Lively hearing aids, they arrived set to the manufacturer’s first fit based on the audiogram I submitted. After testing them, I discovered that they were set to an appropriate level of gain. The independent real-ear measures test confirmed that the audio settings were set appropriately. 

Lively Hearing Aids: Smartphone App

The Lively app is very easy to use. You can control the bass, mids, and treble, change between programs, and change volume. The app also lets you submit remote requests for assistance, either through the app or via phone call. Overall, it’s a replica of the GN ReSound Smart 3D app. 

Lively offers a hearing health questionnaire that lets them optimize hearing aid output based on the situations that you have trouble hearing (e.g. restaurants, watching TV, background noise, etc.). After tailoring your hearing aids to perform in these situations, their audiologists continue to follow up over time in order to ensure that the hearing aids are performing properly.

Lively Hearing Aids: Telehealth

I was very impressed with the telehealth session I had with Brittany, one of Lively’s licensed audiologists. We connected via Zoom and phone so that hearing aid output could be adjusted in real time. For example, Brittany was able to make a live adjustment to the high and mid pitches in order to increase speech clarity. Overall, the workflow of the telehealth session was smooth and seamless, despite the fact that telehealth is still a fairly new medium. Brittany also assured me that the average patient doesn’t require follow-up sessions, as many of the hearing aid adjustments can be made through the Lively app. Nonetheless, these hearing aids come with a warranty period of three years, which includes as many follow-up telehealth sessions with Lively audiologists as needed. 

How Do the Lively Hearing Aids Look and How Are It Used?

Each hearing aid comes equipped with one push button, which can be configured with your audiologist to control volume, programs, muting, etc., and also includes a receiver wire, which Lively will replace with a different length wire if needed. Each receiver wire is intended to fit behind the ear, and can be easily adjusted by watching the company’s YouTube tutorials. You can also order the wire in different colors in order to better match your hair or skin color.

The hearing aids are designed for mild to moderate levels of hearing loss. These hearing aids are not good for those with severe hearing loss, as the receiver wires are not designed to handle the necessary output and the hearing aids do not come with ear molds to ensure necessary sound quality. The hearing aids instead come with domes, which are the plastic tips that fit at the end of each hearing aid. Lively provides a large amount of these rubber tips in multiple sizes. 

The hearing aids also offer great streaming quality and Bluetooth compatibility. The hearing aids can also be programmed with white noise settings, tinnitus masking, and sound therapy. The rechargeable battery is also very strong, lasting up to 30 hours on a single charge. That said, streaming via Bluetooth can drain the battery rather quickly, but you nonetheless should be able to wear these hearing aids all day with no problems. The portable battery case also holds three charges, which helps in situations when you might not have access to power.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Lively Hearing Aids

Benefit #1: Telehealth support.

Lively offers some of the best telehealth support for hearing aids, making it easy to properly set up their hearing aids at home with the assistance (if needed) of one of their audiologists.

Benefit #2: Good, reputable sound quality.

The Lively hearing aids offer good sound quality, using reputable technology.

Benefit #3: More affordable than in-person options.

They hearing aids are sold at a desirable price point, especially considering all the telehealth services that come bundled.

Benefit #4: Rechargeability and Bluetooth compatibility.

The Lively hearing aids offer top-of-the-line battery life and Bluetooth compatibility. 

Drawback #1: More expensive than direct-to-consumer hearing aids.

Since the Lively hearing aids come bundled with telehealth services, they are more expensive than other direct-to-consumer hearing aids.

Drawback #2: Risk of under-fitting.

The Lively hearing aids are more likely to not adequately match your specific hearing requirements since they aren’t fitted in-person by an audiologist. As a result, they might fall 10-20% short of properly matching your ideal hearing curve. That said, you can address this by visiting an in-person audiologist and paying them for a hearing test and hearing aid adjustment.

Comparable Products to Consider

A comparable product to the Lively hearing aids is the ReSound One. The Lively hearing aids are much cheaper than the ReSound One, which can only be purchased via an in-person audiology clinic. Style-wise, both hearing aids are very similar. However, the ReSound One has a new type of receiver wire that could potentially offer more natural sound quality and a better listening experience. 

What To Do Next For Hearing Loss

Finding the right hearing aids can be a process. At Treble Health, we have compiled a consumer guide that explains the pros and cons of the best hearing aids on the market. Click here to get the free Hearing Aids in 2022: Consumer Guide.

Want to speak with an expert audiologist about hearing aids instead? At the tap of a finger, you can schedule a free Hear From Home™ telehealth consultation today! You’ll be connected with a real audiologist, not a salesperson, and there is no obligation or commitment.

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