Signia Hearing Aids: Brand Review

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Signia Hearing Aids

When it comes to hearing aids, the name Signia is relatively new in the industry. However, the company behind these products and the technology used in them actually dates back further than most hearing aid brands out there. 

Signia hearing aids were formerly Siemens-branded and manufactured by the Siemens Audiology Group. The division was later spun off in 2015 and sold to EQT VI and Santo, where it was rebranded as Sivantos, which later merged with Widex in 2019 to form WS Audiology.

Founded in Germany in 1847, Siemens revolutionized the field of audio amplification in phones and hearing aid technology over the years. For example, they were the first company to develop a hearing aid prototype in 1910, as well as creating the first pocket-sized and later ear-worn hearing aids in 1948 and 1959, respectively. Today, Signia-branded hearing aids own about a 12% share of the total hearing aid market.

This article will review Signia’s top hearing aids, covering their various models, styles, technology options, and accessory devices.

Signia Technology: The Augmented Experience (AX) Platform

Different Signia Hearing Aids
Source: Signia

Signia’s newest technological advances are showcased in their latest platform, Augmented Experience (AX). The main innovation of the AX platform is in the use of split processing of sound, where these hearing aids can analyze and modify incoming sounds using two independent processors, depending on the sound’s role in the listening situation. 

Some of the biggest highlights of the AX platform include the following:

  • Enhanced eWindScreen:
    • Boasts an advanced wind smoothing algorithm that rapidly reacts to fluctuating wind noise, offering users a more comfortable outdoor listening experience by reducing distracting variations and overall wind noise.
  • AX Soundscape:
    • Provides precise sound analysis in complex environments. It integrates enhanced own voice detection through Own Voice Processing 2.0, ensuring an optimal balance between the wearer’s voice and the surrounding sounds, even in challenging auditory situations.
  • Auto EchoShield:
    • This feature offers real-time room acoustics analysis, neutralizing potential disturbances from sudden loud noises and reverberations. Its integration with AX split processing ensures listeners enjoy improved speech clarity in a variety of environments.
  • Own Voice Processing 2.0:
    • A cutting-edge dual processing system that handles the wearer’s voice and ambient sounds independently. This feature offers compatibility with both closed and open fittings, ensuring wearers experience their voice in a more natural manner.
  • e2e wireless 4.0:
    • Takes binaural listening to the next level with enhanced audio data synchronization. Its faster data transmission and a 60% latency reduction ensure listeners experience smoother mode transitions and precise directional awareness.
  • Increased Input Dynamic Range:
    • Designed for diverse environments, it can adeptly process signals up to 117dB, ensuring wearers enjoy crisp sound even in high-volume settings like concerts.
  • TruEar 360:
    • A top-tier mic mode that highlights the natural pinna effect, assisting users in differentiating between sound sources in front of and behind them, making sound localization effortless.
  • Enhanced Feedback Cancellation:
    • Provides synchronized feedback cancellation between ears, significantly reducing artifacts to produce a fluid sound experience.

Hearing aid users on the AX platform can directly connect to iPhones and ASHA-compatible Android devices for easy audio streaming and hands-free phone calls. The Pure, Styletto, and Insio models include the AX platform, which we’ll discuss in greater detail ahead.

It’s important to note that, similarly to other hearing aid manufacturers, Signia’s hearing aid models come in different tier levels:

  • Level 7-Top Tier
  • Level 5-Second Tier
  • Level 3-Third Tier
  • Level 1-Basic Tier

Essentially, some of the technology that’s featured in the top tier of hearing aids, Level 7, may not be available in the lower tier levels, like Level 1. Therefore, Signia hearing aids’ cost can vary greatly depending on your chosen tier, with the top tiers being more expensive and the lower tiers being more affordable.

Signia Pure 312 AX And Signia Pure Charge Go AX

Signia Pure 312 AX and Signia Pure Charge Go AX Hearing Aids
Source: Signia

Signia’s Pure line of hearing aids has garnered plenty of acclaim over the years, ultimately becoming their flagship product. 

Crafted as a behind-the-ear (BTE) device, the Pure melds power with flexibility, particularly evident in its receiver-in-canal (RIC) design. This setup situates a part of the device behind the ear, which is linked to the ear via a slim tube. Anchored at the end of this tube is the receiver, otherwise known as the speaker, which is held snugly in the ear by an interchangeable dome available in multiple sizes.

For those who cannot utilize the open-fit dome, especially those with acute hearing deficits, a tailored earmold is available. This level of customization means the Signia Pure is adept at serving a wide range of hearing needs, from mild deficits to profound loss.

Diversifying its offering, Signia Pure is available in two distinct models. The Pure 312 AX relies on a replaceable 312 battery, whereas the Signia Pure Charge&Go is designed for easy recharging. Available in a spectrum of ten colors, users can pick a hue that resonates with their personal style. 

Moreover, it effortlessly pairs with Signia’s suite of accessories, such as the StreamLine TV, StreamLine Mic, and the miniPocket remote. Enhanced user experience is ensured with the intuitive Signia app, and its Bluetooth integration offers seamless connectivity with iPhones and ASHA protocol Android devices, making hands-free calls and chats a breeze.

Signia Styletto AX

Signia Styletto AX Hearing Aids
Source: Signia

The Signia Styletto AX is a distinctively designed RIC hearing aid, standing out for its slim and stylish appearance. This rechargeable hearing aid is available in 12 color combinations and boasts a charger that’s reminiscent of the AirPods charging case. Built on the AX platform, much like the Pure model, its growing popularity has led Signia to constantly expand the Styletto range.

The Styletto hearing aid offers versatility with three receiver options, accommodating patients with varying degrees of hearing loss—from mild to profound. Notably, patients with moderate to profound hearing loss will require custom molds, rather than disposable domes or sleeves.

Furthermore, Styletto seamlessly integrates with its dedicated app, supporting TeleCare and Remote services. Additionally, it can be effortlessly paired with other Signia accessories.

Insio Charge Go Ax

Signia Insio Charge Go Ax Hearing Aids
Source: Signia

The Insio Charge&Go AX is Signia’s premier line of custom-fit rechargeable hearing aids running on the AX platform. These hearing aids are meticulously tailored to an individual’s ear shape and anatomy, either through a precise physical impression of the ear and canal or a sophisticated 3D scanning technique. 

Designed to cater to individuals across the spectrum of hearing loss, the Insio stands out for its adaptability. The earbud-esque appearance of the Insio further contributes to its growing appeal, merging both style and functionality.

Powered by an integrated Li-ion cell battery, the Insio Charge&Go AX facilitates effortless contactless charging, typically achieving a full charge overnight in its dedicated case. One of the favored color options for Insio is black, which subtly mirrors the depth of the ear canal opening, ensuring discretion. However, the palette also extends to shades like dark brown, mocha, tan, brown, and beige.

Signia Experience (X) Platform

Signia Experience, also known as Signia X or Xperience, is a hearing aid platform that is the predecessor to the AX platform. 

The X platform introduced an array of innovative technologies, including YourSound technology, Acoustic Motion Sensors, Dynamic Soundscape Processing, Motion Sensor, and Own Voice Processing—all of which help analyze incoming sounds better than ever before to help users better focus on what’s important and improve their overall understanding of speech. 

Hearing aids that are powered by the X Platform include Signia Active instant fit devices, Silk custom hearing aids, and Signia Motion hearing aids, which we’re going to review below.

Signia Active And Active Pro Hearing Aids

Signia Active and Active Pro Hearing Aids Hearing Aids
Source: Signia

Designed specifically for individuals experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss, the Signia Active and Active Pro boasts an in-the-ear, instant-fit design. Distinctively, these hearing aids stand apart from more conventional models, resembling a high-end electronic earbud rather than a more traditional hearing device.

Its suitability extends to those with moderate hearing loss in the lower frequencies, progressing to severe loss in the higher frequencies. The “instant fit” is ingeniously achieved through the use of flexible click-on silicone sleeves, available in multiple sizes for optimal comfort. Users also have the flexibility to swap these sleeves for click domes, further tailoring the fit.

In terms of aesthetics, the Active is available in an elegant range of colors, including white with rose gold accents, sleek black with silver, and an understated all-black.

Beyond its modern design, the Signia Active is technologically advanced, featuring rechargeable capabilities with a charge typically enduring up to 24 hours. It is accompanied by a compact charger, making it ideal for on-the-go users. Integration with the Signia app enables TeleCare functionality, allowing for remote fine-tuning by hearing professionals.

Additionally, the Active hearing aids are compatible with iPhones, facilitating direct Bluetooth audio streaming. For Android users, the ASHA Bluetooth protocol is available, enabling seamless audio streaming and hands-free calling.

Signia Silk Hearing Aids

Signia Silk Hearing Aids
Source: Signia

Silk X is Signia’s smallest instant-fit completely in the canal (CIC) and a very discreet hearing aid. Similarly to Active, Silk X is ready-to-wear thanks to the use of soft silicone sleeves, which are adaptable to various ear canal shapes. 

Silk comes in four distinct sizes, including open and closed fit options, which can be chosen by your hearing aid provider based on your hearing test. Hearing professionals can fit these models on patients with varying hearing loss degrees, from mild to moderate in low frequencies, to severe hearing loss in highs.

Silk X also has a remote programming feature available, where adjustments to the hearing aid’s settings can be sent remotely through the Signia app by your hearing specialist. This model of hearing aid comes with either a black or a tan face plate, depending on your preferences.

Signia Motion Charge&Go X Hearing Aids

Signia Motion Charge&Go X Hearing Aids
Source: Signia

Signia’s Motion Charge&Go X is a rechargeable traditional behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid. It comes in three models: Motion Charge&Go X, Motion Charge&Go PX, and Motion Charge&Go SP X, and is suitable for individuals with more profound instances of hearing loss.

Signia NX Platform

Signia’s Nx platform came before the X and offers a selection of traditional custom hearing aids (Insio NX) and BTE (Motion NX) hearing devices, which we’ll cover below.

Signia Motion NX

Signia Motion NX Hearing Aids
Source: Signia

Signia’s Motion Nx is a meticulously designed hearing aid that stands out for its ability to seamlessly harmonize the wearer’s voice with the surrounding sounds, which ensures the most authentic auditory experience, capturing the natural essence of the wearer’s voice while ensuring optimal speech clarity, even in noisy environments. 

The sleek housing of the Motion Nx isn’t just about aesthetics; it offers a plethora of individual handling and fitting options to cater to diverse customer preferences. Enhanced connectivity is a hallmark of this device, thanks to its Bluetooth-based direct streaming and integration with the Signia app. Moreover, professionals can even offer live remote support to users through TeleCare, further enhancing the user experience.

Its versatility is further highlighted by its full Bluetooth connectivity and the optional inclusion of a modular T-Coil integrated right into the battery door. Signia’s dedication to providing solutions that cater to every individual’s unique hearing requirements is truly embodied in the Motion series.

Signia Insio NX

Signia Insio NX Hearing Aids
Source: Signia

Signia Insio NX is the company’s traditional custom hearing aid line, available in in-the-canal (ITC) and in-the-ear (ITE) sizes, both of which are Bluetooth-enabled. The two smaller sizes—CIC and IIC (invisible in the canal)—don’t have Bluetooth capability due to their smaller size.

The strength of Insio Nx lies in its incorporation of the Ultra HD e2e technology, which facilitates superior wireless binaural processing. This feature remains consistent even in the more compact CIC variant that houses a single microphone. As a result, users can expect crystal-clear sound quality and unmatched speech clarity, even when faced with the challenges of extremely noisy surroundings. 

The design of the Insio Nx, made with smaller components, makes it suitable for those with tighter ear canals. Additionally, its compatibility with the Signia app offers users discreet remote control capabilities, its readiness for TeleCare ensures a seamless patient experience, and the device is also compatible with Signia’s line of hearing aid accessories. 

The Insio Nx IIC stands tall as a testament to Signia’s commitment to tailored solutions. This model, designed with the highest precision, promises users a discreet yet effective hearing experience. The combination of its custom fit and the prowess of Ultra HD e2e technology ensures that even in the noisiest of environments, the Insio Nx IIC delivers a sound experience that’s as true to life as possible.

Signia Hearing Aid Accessories

Signia offers users several different accessories that are compatible with most of their hearing devices. These accessories can be an essential component of overall hearing care, which helps allow for greater ease of communication and improved speech and sound quality in a variety of challenging situations. 

Most models of Signia hearing aids that are currently on the market can be paired with the following accessories:

  • MiniPocket Remote Control
    • MiniPocket Remote Control can be used with Signia hearing aids by anyone who wants the ability to control their hearing aids discreetly without accessing the controls on the hearing aid itself or using the smartphone.
    • The miniPocket is small enough to carry on a key ring and can control the hearing aid’s essential features, such as volume and programming changes. The remote control is also useful for smaller in-the-canal hearing aids that don’t have accessible controls on the aid itself.
  • Streamline Mic
    • The StreamLine Mic is Signia’s remote microphone system. Its primary benefit is when it’s used to help enhance the audio quality of conversations. The StreamLine Mic picks up the talker’s voice and carries it wirelessly directly to the hearing aids, which can be especially useful in noisy environments like restaurants or parties. The Mic can also be useful for breaching the distance between the hearing aid user and the talker, such as at a lecture.
    • The StreamLine Mic uses Bluetooth connectivity to deliver direct audio streaming into hearing aids from various Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, computers, and smart-home assistants like Alexa or Siri. The StreamLine Mic works like a hands-free mobile headset, allowing easy use of these devices instead of headsets and wireless headphones.
  • Streamline TV
    • StreamLine TV enables direct streaming of television audio into Signia Hearing aids. The streaming works from up to 30 feet away. Multiple pairs of compatible Signia hearing aids can be connected simultaneously, which is important if other family members also wear hearing aids. The functions of StreamLine TV, such as volume or mute, can be easily controlled through the Signia app.
  • Signia App
    • The Signia App functions as a smartphone-based remote control for your device. It allows the user to listen to programs, adjust the volume, change the balance between ears, change which focus direction, and adjust the volume of wireless audio streaming. The app provides connectivity and battery status information. It also has directional hearing selection, wireless connectivity settings, and virtual appointments.
  • Virtual Appointments
    • Allow for video calls with your hearing care provider, who can make fine-tuning hearing aids in real-time. Follow-up appointments can also be scheduled through the Signia app. Available in Signia 3AX-7AX models is the My Wellbeing health feature. It tracks the user’s overall number of steps, activity level, hearing aid wearing time, and estimated social interaction (conversations).
  • Chargers
    • Signia offers users a wide variety of charger options to meet various needs, including portable, induction, and stationary models.

Tinnitus Treatment Features

Signia hearing aids often come equipped with a specialized tinnitus therapy feature, offering three sound generator options: white noise, ocean wave sounds, and the unique Notch Therapy, which is proprietary to Signia. Signia recommends this innovative and unique treatment approach for those who are struggling with the effects of tonal tinnitus.

Dr. Ben Thompson discusses using Notch Therapy for tinnitus.

While traditional tinnitus sound therapies typically employ a broad range of frequencies, Notch Therapy introduces a nuanced approach. Utilizing a specialized notch filter, it deliberately omits amplification at the frequency corresponding to an individual’s tinnitus. For instance, if a person’s tinnitus resonates around 2000 Hz, as determined by a hearing professional, the hearing aid will amplify all frequencies except the one at 2000 Hz.

The rationale behind this method is rooted in the hypothesis that tinnitus may arise from overstimulation in the cortical region that aligns with the tinnitus frequency. A process known as “cortical lateral inhibition” is believed to reduce this overstimulation, potentially addressing the root cause of tinnitus. 

However, it’s essential to note that there’s currently limited peer-reviewed evidence asserting that Notch Therapy surpasses broad-range sound therapies or even the established gold standard of tinnitus treatment, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy.

Signia Hearing Aids: Pros

  • Own Voice Processing Feature
    • OVP aims to improve the wearer’s satisfaction with the quality of how their own voice sounds. According to Signia, this can help increase hearing aid acceptance among users.
  • Design
    • Arguably, Signia is one of the top hearing aid manufacturers in terms of the hearing aid design. So when someone decides to purchase Signia hearing aids, they have a wide variety of unique styles to choose from, such as Styletto or Active lines.
  • Rechargeable Options
    • Signia offers several models of rechargeable hearing aids that use lithium-ion batteries, including the Styletto AX, Pure Charge&Go AX, and Active X models. Users can choose from stationary and portable charging cases to help keep them powered up and running.
  • User-Friendly App With Signia Assistant And TeleCare
    • The latest version of the Signia App is very user-friendly and allows users to control settings and personalize their hearing aids. It also allows audiologists to program and tweak settings remotely to the hearing aids. Furthermore, 24/7 Signia Assistant uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to learn about the user’s preferred adjustments in various environments. This information is then further implemented in the programming of hearing aids by incorporating the user’s hearing and preferences.
  • Tinnitus Treatment
    • A wide range of tinnitus sound therapy treatment options are available, including Signia’s unique notch tinnitus therapy approach. There’s limited peer-reviewed evidence that Notch Therapy is superior to traditional methods, but some people prefer it over more traditional treatments.

Signia Hearing Aids: Cons

  • Size of Devices
    • Some hearing care providers note that Signia’s rechargeable and in-the-canal hearing aids are somewhat bigger than the compatible hearing aids offered by other brands. Furthermore, Signia does not currently offer true invisible in-the-canal (IIC) custom-style hearing aids.

Are Signia Hearing Aids Right For You?

Signia boasts some of the most advanced technological features and devices that are available today. 

From dual split processing technology to the sophisticated design of the Styletto, the modern earbud-like aesthetics of the Silk, and a diverse selection of chargers and accessories—Signia’s products resonate with a vast audience, catering to a broad spectrum of hearing loss levels and individual listening requirements.

While Signia produces some quality devices, we at Treble Health don’t believe they’re the top option for hearing aids and prefer other brands, such as Phonak, Oticon, and Widex. For a list of Treble Health’s top rated hearing aids for tinnitus, you can read our article, The Best Hearing Aids For Tinnitus. can read an in depth-review here. That being said, there’s no denying that Signia manufactures high-caliber devices that can help significantly improve hearing clarity under a variety of settings and environments.

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