The 5 Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids In 2022

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

If you are contemplating a hearing aid purchase, it’s important to consider such factors as sound quality, programming, and rechargeability. In the run-down below, we will primarily focus on the Bluetooth features available to each model.

Dr. Ben Thompson and the team of audiologists at Treble Health discuss the five best Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids of 2022

#1 Phonak Paradise

The Phonak Paradise is a favorite among the Treble Health team, as we have worked with it for many years now. It boasts seamless Bluetooth compatibility with both iPhone and Android devices, and is the ideal hearing aid for patients who need to stream sound therapy or like to listen to podcasts and YouTube videos. The Phonak Paradise can be paired with up to eight devices, and can even stream audio from two devices simultaneously. The Phonak Paradise’s Bluetooth signal is also incredibly efficient, so you don’t have to worry about draining battery life.

#2 Oticon More

Oticon is a well-respected company known for offering excellent sound quality across their line of hearing aids. The Oticon More offers excellent Bluetooth compatibility with both iPhone and Android devices. And, similar to the Phonak Paradise, the Oticon More has a very efficient signal and won’t significantly drain battery life whenever Bluetooth is toggled on.

#3 ReSound One

The ReSound One offers quality Bluetooth compatibility with both iPhone and Android devices. These hearing aids also boast great battery life, meaning that you can stream Bluetooth audio for up to 25 hours before needing to recharge them.

#4 Signia Pure Charge&Go AX

The Pure Charge&Go AX are the newest hearing aid model from Signia. They offer quality Bluetooth compatibility with both iPhone and Android devices.

#5 Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey is another popular hearing aid manufacturer. While they offer Bluetooth compatibility with both iPhone and Android devices across their hearing aid models, some patients have reported instances of weak Bluetooth signals (for example, when the Bluetooth source is further away from the hearing aids). Additionally, Starkey’s Bluetooth has been known to drain battery life faster than some of the other models recommended in this article.

That concludes our recommendations of the best Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids—thank you for reading! If you are interested in learning more about any of the above hearing aid brands, then sign up for a free consultation through Treble Health. We would love to connect you with one of our audiologists and talk more about your hearing aid needs.

What To Do Next For Hearing Loss

Finding the right hearing aids can be a process. At Treble Health, we have compiled a consumer guide that explains the pros and cons of the best hearing aids on the market. Click here to get the free Hearing Aids in 2022: Consumer Guide.

Want to speak with an expert audiologist about hearing aids instead? At the tap of a finger, you can schedule a free Hear From Home™ telehealth consultation today! You’ll be connected with a real audiologist, not a salesperson, and there is no obligation or commitment.

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