The 3 Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids Of 2022

The 3 Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids in 2022

It was only last decade that the hearing aid industry decided to switch from using disposable batteries to rechargeable lithium ion batteries, (which are still being improved upon)! In this article, we will cover the three best rechargeable hearing aids that are currently available on the market. In order to create this list, we polled Treble Health’s renowned team of audiologists, who hail from some of the top hospitals and clinics across the United States. We assessed each hearing aid according to the following parameters: battery life, charging time, charging case accessibility.

Dr. Ben Thompson shares the three best rechargeable hearing aids of 2022

#1: ReSound One

The ReSound One is our top pick for a variety of reasons. First, these hearing aids come in a convenient and accessible case that travels well. The case also recharges the hearing aids. Finally, on just a single charge, the ReSound one will last for 30 hours of traditional use or 20 hours of Bluetooth streaming.

#2: Phonak Paradise

Phonak was one of the initial leaders in the switch to rechargeable hearing aids, so it’s no surprise that the Phonak Paradise ranks high. The hearing aids come in an accessible and convenient case, with the only downside being that you have to plug the case into a wall charger in order to recharge the hearing aids. While this isn’t bad by any stretch, the ReSound One may be preferable for those individuals who might not have consistent access to a wall outlet (like on a camping trip).

#3: Oticon More

The Oticon More offers great rechargeability and a convenient case. One of the reasons why we love this hearing aid is that if the rechargeable battery eventually runs out, needs to be replaced, or needs to be upgraded, you can simply visit an in-person clinic to have the battery replaced, as opposed to shipping the hearing aids back to the manufacturer.

That concludes our recommendations of the best rechargeable hearing aids—thank you for reading! If you are interested in learning more about any of the above hearing aid brands, then sign up for a free consultation through Treble Health. We would love to connect you with one of our audiologists and talk more about your hearing aid needs.

What To Do Next For Hearing Loss

At Treble Health, we know the importance of finding the right hearing aids to suit your ears and your lifestyle. We put together a consumer guide to help you find the best hearing aids on the market so you can live a full life without having to worry about hearing loss. Click here to get the free Hearing Aids in 2022: Consumer Guide.

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